Personal Data Protection Act


1.     NUSS respects your privacy. In Singapore, your personal data is protected by the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (PDPA) which came into force on 2 July 2014. The PDPA establishes various rules governing the collection, use, disclosure and care of personal data.


2.     In accordance to the PDPA, we have a legal duty to protect all your personal data which you have provided. Any information that you give us is used and kept with utmost care and security.


3.     We use your personal data we have collected from various modes (online forms, event’s enrolment, social media etc) for the purposes of:


a.       Managing our relationship.

b.       Delivering and improving our products and services to you.

c.       We do not share your data to third parties. However, we allow and work with advertisers to provide their promotional materials to the Club to be inserted with the Club’s mailing or to advertise in our Club’s offline or online publications.

d.       Business partners – There may be a need to share certain data with these partners. For such co-operation, Non-Disclosure Agreement is signed and only required data is to be shared.

e.       In compliance with the law.


4.     Data will not be held when it is no longer necessary for any business or legal purposes. Personal data that is no longer needed will be destroyed or disposed of in a secure manner. This applies to both paper documents and electronic data. Papers containing member’s data cannot be recycled.


5.     For more information on PDPA, please refer to or contact us at