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Ordinary/Associate Membership
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Spouse Membership
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Junior Membership
- Cat A1 & A2
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- Cat B
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- 90-day Trial Card* (For NUS Undergraduates only)
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Download list of KRGH Facilities Fees for Trial Card Holders
*not applicable for past NUSS members


Term Membership
- Download Form (For Singaporeans and Permanent Residents)
Download Form (For non-Singaporeans and non-Permanent Residents)


Sports Membership
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Corporate Membership
The Corporate Membership form is currently not available. For more information, please call the Membership Department at 6586 3761.

Update of Particulars
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Absent Status
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(Click here to see FAQ for the Absent Status application.)

Reactivation of Membership (For Absent Members only)
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Resignation of Membership
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Replacement of Loss/Damaged Card
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Transfer of Membership
Transfer Form
Membership Application Form (For Transfers)

Membership Reinstatement
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Sports & Events
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Kids' Activities Registration Form
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GIRO form