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Future Nation

What will the landscape of Singapore look like in the next 20 years? We take a look at the shape of things to come for the Little Red Dot.


Future Nation


Singapore’s first urban planner was Sir Stamford Raffles. The man who founded Singapore in 1819 was the visionary behind the Raffles Town Plan, developed in the 1820s. But little could he have envisioned our dramatic transformation into today’s carefully designed landscape of skyscrapers, HDB estates, parks and MRT lines.



With only 710 sq km to work with, our urban planners have delicately balanced the optimal use of limited land while minimising an oppressive built-up feel.

But urban planning is no longer just about land use. It is about lifestyle, and integrating a rapidly growing – and greying – population. It must suit the needs and aspirations of both young and old. 


These trends are reshaping the way we live, work and play.


In the Apr-Jun 2017 issue of The Graduate, we take a look at some of the urban developments made in Singapore, and future plans that would transform Singaporeans' way of life even more.


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