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Budget 2017: Hits & Misses

With a maturing economy like Singapore's, Budget 2017 is aptly centred around A Time of Change. But what is its real impact?



Budget 2017: Hits & Misses



In February, Minister of Finance Mr Heng Swee Keat delivered a progressive Budget 2017, amid rumours about a water price hike; and worries about inflation and a slowing economy.


“Advances in technology are picking up pace and disrupting traditional businesses and jobs,” said Minister Heng in his first speaking appearance in Parliament since suffering a stroke in May last year. “These deep shifts around the world will create new challenges but also open up new opportunities for many years to come. We must understand these shifts and do our best to adapt and thrive.”


The way forward will be built around three pillars: Building an innovative and connected economy, nurturing a caring and inclusive society, and moving towards a sustainable future. In this article, we focus on understanding the first two pillars and understanding thoughts of a cross-section of people in Singapore. 


Will Budget 2017 be a game-changer, hitting targets and meeting expectations on the ground? Read here to find out more.



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