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Are We Civic-minded Enough?

After more than 50 years of nation-building and having attained First World status economically, are Singaporeans more gracious compared to 10 years ago? Find out more in this article.

Bike-sharing started in Singapore over a year ago. Very quickly it proved a hit, and ridership reached one million users in the first year alone for  oBike, one of the earliest operators in Singapore. Mobike, another  bike-sharing outfit, reported more than 10 million trips by users since the company launched in Singapore last March.
Just as quickly, however, photos on social media showed bicycles parked indiscriminately. Some were vandalised, with broken locks, pedals or chains. A couple was even caught dumping rental bikes in a canal. For many Singaporeans, these incidents are another addition to a long litany of inconsiderate behaviour. 
Despite measures and steps taken to deter people from abusing rental bikes – like putting in place a credit scoring system – such behaviour still persists. In an informal straw poll conducted for this feature, about half of the 15 professionals interviewed felt that civicmindedness in Singapore has not improved overthe last 10 years.
In this article, we explore more on the level of civic-mindedness among Singaporeans and what can be done to ensure a more gracious Society. Click here to read more.


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