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Ageless In Singapore

How will the greying population of Singapore affect the social and economic development of the county for the next 50 years? Let us take a look at the plans the government has, to promote successful ageing.


Ageless in Singapore



“A Nation for All Ages. We want Singapore to be the best place for Singaporeans to grow old in, and a model for successful ageing.” This was part of the mission statement of the Action Plan for Successful Ageing, published by the Ministry of Health in 2016.


The reality is that one in five people in Singapore will be 65 and older by 2030, compared to one in nine today. This, if left unaddressed, has ramifications for our economy, labour market and fiscal policies related to healthcare and social spending.


However, “instead of letting our society be taken over by a ‘silver tsunami’, we can translate longevity into a positive force for social and economic development”, said Mr Gan Kim Yong, Minister for Health, at the SG50 Scientific Conference on Ageing on 19 March 2015.


The government is putting in place policies and infrastructure for managing successful ageing, including helping people move from working life to retirement.

One key concern is managing the isolation which seniors may feel, by getting them to remain socially active in the community through lifelong learning, volunteerism or even remaining in the workforce if they choose to.


Ultimately, however, the government can only do so much. Seniors must be made aware of the programmes available, and given personal encouragement and support to pursue volunteerism, lifelong learning and interaction with the community.


In this article, we take a look at the government's key initiatives and targets in its action plan for successful ageing.


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