Graduate Digest
Getting real about fake news

The threats posed by fake news have been growing inrecent years. How should we respond to such threats?

Are we civic-minded enough?

After more than 50 years of nation-building and having attained First World status economically, are Singaporeans more gracious compared to 10 years ago? Find out more in this article.

Bridging the Gap

Income inequality threatens to become a serious problem for Singapore. Explore how dire the situation is and what more can be done to tackle the issue here.

A Road map for the future

Singapore's Budget 2018 sought to address short-term business concerns as well as longer-term challenges brought about by broader shifts in the global economic order, emergence of new technologies and Singapore's ageing population. Find out more about what Budget 2018 holds for the nation's future.

The rise of the gig economy

Employment in the gig economy is growing fast, helping to cushion the impact of a weak job market. But what are the implications?

Smart Nation: How are we tracking?

Three years after Singapore's Smart Nation vision was launched, the progress report is a mixed one. Find out more here.

Strength in diversity

Having varied life experiences and a social circle that includes people of different cultures, ages and politics can stimulate thinking, nurture creativity and boost innovation. Find out more through this article.

Building digital trust and security

Cyberattacks are rising, putting the digital secrets of organisations or even personal credit card data at risk. What are we doing to protect ourselves from such threats?