Graduate Digest
All Roads Lead to China

With China's Belt Road Initiative (BRI), Singapore is offered a chance to unlock vast opportunities in Central Asia. Here's what the BRI is all about and how its development could benefit Singapore.

Preparing for the next 50 years

While Singapore has much to rejoice over its exceptional progress over the years, the changing global climate has placed several challenges in its way. We explore these challenges and ways the nation is looking at to counter them.

School for Life

To help Singaporeans stay relevant in todayís rapidly-changing economic landscape, the education and learning landscape must evolve. Here's why and how.

Budget 2017: Hits & Misses

With a maturing economy like Singapore's, Budget 2017 is aptly centred around A Time of Change. But what is its real impact?

Ageless in Singapore

How will the greying population of Singapore affect the social and economic development of the county for the next 50 years? Let us take a look at the plans the government has, to promote successful ageing.

Future Nation

What will the landscape of Singapore look like in the next 20 years? We take a look at the shape of things to come for the Little Red Dot.

Trump in the White House

As the United States gets a new president, Asian leaders are looking ahead to what comes next. Here's what Trump Administration means for Southeast Asia and Singapore.

Riding the Downturn

Is it all doom and gloom? While most professions brace for a gloomy year ahead, bright spots still exists is some sectors. Read on to find out more.