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Wish Tag No. Age Gender Wish Description
(Preferred Clothing, Qty, Colour, Size)
188E001 88 Female Alarm Clock
188E002 80 Male Bermudas (Size 31 or 32)
188E009 82 Female Bra (Size B32)
188E033 80 Female Deodorant (Roll On)
188E034 57 Male Electric Shaver
188E035 68 Male Electric Shaver
188E036 93 Female Floral Dress
188E037 71 Male Flute
188E039 75 Female Long Sleeve Blouse (Ladies M)
188E040 96 Female Long Sleeve Blouse (Ladies M)
188E042 62 Female Moisturising Cream
188E043 80 Female Moisturising Cream
188E044 78 Female Moisturising Cream
188E045 86 Female Moisturising Cream
188E046 71 Male Moisturising Cream
188E047 58 Male Moisturising Cream
188E048 67 Female Moisturising Cream
188E049 95 Female Moisturising Cream
188E050 95 Female Moisturising Cream
188E051 93 Female Moisturising Cream
188E052 90 Female Moisturising Cream
188E053 93 Female Moisturising Cream
188E054 91 Female Moisturising Cream
188E055 80 Female Moisturising Cream
188E056 85 Female Open Toe Shoes (Ladies Euro 36, Peach Colour)
188E058 79 Male Pants (Mens M, Rubberised)
188E059 68 Male Pants (Mens M, Rubberised)
188E061 84 Male Polo Shirt (Mens L)
188E065 69 Male Polo Shirt (Mens M)
188E066 82 Male Polo Shirt (Mens M, Green)
188E067 84 Male Polo Shirt (Mens M, Green)
188E068 80 Male Polo Shirt (Mens M, Green)
188E069 67 Male Polo Shirt (Mens M, Green)
188E070 54 Male Polo Shirt (Mens M, Green)
188E071 77 Male Polo Shirt (Mens XL)
188E072 83 Male Polo Shirt (Mens XL))
188E085 73 Female Pyjamas (Ladies M)
188E087 65 Female Pyjamas (Ladies M)
188E090 77 Female Pyjamas (Ladies M)
188E091 85 Female Pyjamas (Ladies M)
188E092 92 Female Pyjamas (Ladies M)
188E093 93 Female Pyjamas (Ladies M)
188E094 89 Female Pyjamas (Ladies M, no red)
188E096 69 Male Radio
188E097 69 Male Radio
188E098 82 Male Radio
188E099 84 Male Rollator
188E100 80 Female Rubber Shoes (Ladies Euro 36)
188E101 58 Male Rubber Shoes (Mens Euro 40)
188E102 89 Male Sandals (Mens Euro 39)
188E103 85 Male Sandals (Mens Euro 40)
188E104 77 Male Sandals (Mens Euro 40)
188E105 81 Male Sandals (Mens Euro 40)
188E106 81 Male Sandals (Mens Euro 40)
188E107 90 Male Sandals (Mens Euro 41)
188E108 88 Male Sandals (Mens Euro 41)
188E109 78 Male Sandals (Mens Euro 41)
188E110 79 Male Sandals (Mens Euro 42)
188E111 74 Male Sandals (Mens Euro 42)
188E112 79 Male Sandals (Mens Euro 42)
188E113 66 Male Sandals (Mens Euro 42)
188E114 58 Male Sandals (Mens Euro 42)
188E115 88 Male Shaver
188E116 81 Male Shirt (Mens L)
188E117 68 Male Shoes (Mens Euro 39)
188E118 86 Male Short Pants (Mens L)
188E119 67 Male Short Pants (Mens L)
188E120 81 Male Short Pants (Mens L)
188E121 65 Male Short Pants (Mens XL)
188E122 81 Male Short Pants (Mens XL)
188E123 82 Male Short Pants (Mens XXL)
188E124 81 Male Short Pants (Mens XXL)
188E125 55 Male Short Pants (Mens XXL)
188E126 87 Male Short Pants (Mens XXXL)
188E127 64 Male Shorts (Mens L)
188E132 56 Male Shower Gel and Shaving Cream
188E133 67 Female Skirt (Ladies L, Rubberised)
188E134 67 Male Sling Bag (Purple/Red)
188E135 64 Male Slippers
188E140 59 Male Sweater (Mens L)
188E141 77 Female T Shirt (Ladies L)
188E142 65 Female T Shirt (Ladies L, Yellow)
188E143 84 Female T Shirt (Ladies M)
188E144 90 Female T Shirt (Ladies M)
188E145 81 Female T Shirt (Ladies M)
188E146 97 Female T Shirt (Ladies M)
188E147 92 Female T Shirt (Ladies M)
188E148 97 Female T Shirt (Ladies S)
188E149 67 Female T Shirt (Ladies S)
188E150 88 Male T Shirt (Mens L)
188E151 69 Male T Shirt (Mens L)
188E152 84 Male T Shirt (Mens L, Green)
188E153 80 Male T Shirt (Mens L, Green)
188E154 89 Male T Shirt (Mens L, Green)
188E155 92 Male T Shirt (Mens L, White)
188E156 71 Male T Shirt (Mens M)
188E157 83 Male T Shirt (Mens M)
188E158 93 Male T Shirt (Mens M)
188E159 68 Male T Shirt (Mens M, Green)
188E160 57 Male T Shirt (Mens M, Green)
188E161 85 Male T Shirt (Mens S)
188E162 88 Male T Shirt (Mens XXL, Grey/Dark Blue)
188E165 62 Male Table Fan
188E169 62 Male Table Fan
188E170 60 Male Table Fan
188E174 78 Male Table Fan
188E175 89 Female Watch (Ladies, Black)
188E176 74 Female Watch (Ladies, Brown)
188E177 71 Female Watch (Ladies)
188E178 71 Female Watch (Ladies, Black)
188E179 77 Female Watch (Ladies)
188E180 68 Male Watch (Mens)
188E181 80 Male Watch (Mens)
188E182 91 Male Watch (Mens)
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