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The Bistro: Set Meals (Apr)

Our set meal comes with three selections for you to choose from! Be gastronomically charmed!

Mother's Day Deluxe Set

With our divine deluxe set, you can now lavish your mom with love and exquisite food on this special day!

Maifest Specials with White Asparagus!

Get a taste of the popular spring vegetable, served with our popular favourites. Be spoilt for choice!

Dunearn Signatures

Missed your favourites from The Dunearn? Fret not! You can now enjoy the same delicious fare at The Bistro!

Weekend A La Carte Brunch

Sleeping in on the weekends? Fret not, we have brunch waiting for you at The Bistro! Check out the new menu we're serving!

Be Rewarded for Late Dining!

Starting from 13 Jan 2017, curb your late-night cravings no more and visit The Bistro to be rewarded with a variety of prizes!

The Bar: Burgers & Whisky

Wash down a juicy lamb or beef burger with a cold glass of Monkey Shoulder Whisky. It's sinfully delicious.

The Bar: High 5! It's Sunday!

Grab a drink! It's Sunday! And it's only $5!