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Happy Easter!

Celebrate Easter with our hearty festive set meal in a relaxing atmosphere at Cafe on the Ridge!

Easter Sunday Brunch

Join us for an egg-citing day with your family to celebrate Easter! There'll be heaps of activities for your kids to be entertained, and yummy food for the adults!

Sake Appreciation Evening

Step into the world of sake as the evening explores the intricate flavours of the alcohol, alongside a variety of delicious canapes.

Weekday Set Lunches (Mar 2018)

Tired of the usual lunch spots? Visit us to enjoy our March daily set meals, at a pocket-friendly price!

Assam Fish Head Set

Fish lovers, you can now enjoy a scrumptious and tangy fish head curry with delicious side dishes, all at a decent price!

St Patrick's @ Kent Ridge

Eat, drink and be merry with our various festive food and drink offerings!

Can't Get Enough of Peking Duck

Crispy skin.. Juicy meat.. Tantalising flavours.. The trademarks of a good Peking Duck! Served @ The Scholar at a super reasonable price!

Teochew Porridge Buffet and Chicken Rice Buffet

Fancy traditional and local favourites like Teochew Porridge and Chicken Rice? Visit Cafe on the Ridge to have your fill on the various months.