Art Exhibition: The Music of Chance

In an exhibition by artist Joseph Chiang, he explores the relationship between sight and sound using a series of Linocut prints. Visit Kent Ridge Guild House to view his works!

24 Apr-16 Jun
7-Day Bhutan Serenity Tour

Forget about the common tourist destinations! Visit Bhutan, an idyllic country tucked into the lap of the mighty Himalayas. Let its amazing culture and stunning ancient monastries take your breath away!

27 Apr - 3 May
Pilates for Posture

Find yourself suffering from stiff bodies after long days at work? Start correcting common postural dysfunctions and muscle imbalances by strengthening your back and improving flexibility at this class!

Yoga Therapeutic Class

Start building your body immunity with both mental and physical body building exercises. This simple yet highly effective fitness class helps you to keep a calm mind while maintaining a strong body to protect your overall well-being!