NUSS Professorship Lecture with Professor Stephen Hawkins

The natural environment systems have been compromised by human actions. Know what are the impacts on your life and how you can play a role to stop this? Register now and find out!

24 Jan 2017
Barclays Premier League

Soccer Fanatics! Did you know that you can catch the league LIVE at all 3 guild houses now? Click here to find out more about the timings and locations of the showings.

Taiji For Beginners

Balance your Yin and Yang through Taiji, which helps you to reduce stress, improve flexibility and more!

07 Jan 2017
Pilates for Posture

Find yourself suffering from stiff bodies after long days at work? Start correcting common postural dysfunctions and muscle imbalances by strengthening your back and improving flexibility at this class!

24 Jan 2017
Swimming For Juniors

Teaching your children how to swim have significant benefits for both their health and safety. Start them on this fun swimming program and overcome the waters quickly!

Ballet for Juniors

This graceful dance helps children to develop creativity, enhance musical awareness and encourage good posture from young. Start early and let your child gain flexibility and a nimble feet!


Feel the power of pilates! A popular exercise that balances strength in your body, this class will help you build your core muscles and improve overall body stability.

13 Jan 2017