Visit to Ren Ci Nursing Home

Join us in making a difference to the lives of the elderly. Show your care and support by spending a Sunday afternoon with them!

26 Feb 2017
Colours of Spring

An art exhibition featuring works of various artists with physical disabilities, be immersed in the unique experience of flora and fauna, as experienced by the artists themselves.

From 6 Feb
NUSS Tennis Singles Championship 2017

Love tennis? Get the game going by joining us in our competitive matches happening 4 Feb to 1 Mar 2017!

4 Feb 2017
Health Appreciation Workshop

Frequent health checks are recommended for everyone, but do you know what each package or test entails? Join us as we find out from health professionals about the various screenings and medications that are common in Singapore.

22 Feb 2017
Join Social Mahjong Club!

Want to maintain a sharp and flexible mind? Join us in our regular Social Mahjong sessions with fellow friends! Start with a simple body-stretch before we engage the mind!

From 9 Feb
Swimming Class for Ladies

Maintain a lean frame and build body resistance by learning new strokes in the pool! Strengthen major muscle groups in the body while keeping fit!

02 Feb 2017
Yoga Therapeutic Class

Start building your body immunity with both mental and physical body building exercises. This simple yet highly effective fitness class helps you to keep a calm mind while maintaining a strong body to protect your overall well-being!

4 Feb 2017
Yoga Flow Gentle

This class is designed with an emphasis on beginner posture. It is an ideal workout to relax both the body and mind.

20 Feb 2017