Art Exhibition Dialogue: Contemplation

Want to know how each art piece of our latest art exhibition, Contemplation created? Join us as we learn from artist Yoko Choi on the technique behind each of her work!

28 Jul 2017
Tour to Uzbekistan - Jewel of The Silk Road

Take your next travel to somewhere different and exotic. Join us on a tour to Uzbekistan, one of the 2 double-landlocked countries in the world! Attend our tour preview to find out more!

4 - 12 Oct
Art Exhibition: Contemplation

In this exhibition, the artist Yoko Choi uses repetitive marks to create textural content, reflecting her search for order and change. Visit Kent Ridge Guild House to view her works!

19 Jul 2017
Basic Ukulele For Adults

Learn to strum out simple folk songs and popular modern pop pieces on the Ukulele!

01 Jul 2017
Journey In Ink Workshop (Fully subscribed)

Passionate for painting or have a keen interest in learning Chinese Calligraphy? Join us as we embark through a journey to learn the delicate techniques and the beauty of this art.

08 Jul 2017