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*New* Cycling Section

Looking for buddies with the same passion for cycling? Join our very own cycling section and enjoy complimentary section fees too!

Starting July
NUSS Inter-Section Games 2017

Challenge yourself to step out of your boundaries and try out new sports! Gather with other sports enthusiasts and engage in friendly games!

22 Apr 2017
Step Aerobics

Looking for ways to burn fats quickly and maintain a healthy body weight? Get an effective cardiovascular workout with Step Aerobics!

Taiji For Beginners

Balance your Yin and Yang through Taiji, which helps you to reduce stress, improve flexibility and more!

Swimming Class for Ladies

Maintain a lean frame and build body resistance by learning new strokes in the pool! Strengthen major muscle groups in the body while keeping fit!

04 May 2017
Aqua Aerobics

Enjoy an invigorating workout! The water will cushion your joints to keep you injury-free!

13 Mar 2017
Tennis Lessons for Adults

Learn a new hobby as a group or get customised training with private coaching!

Engage NUSS Personal Trainers

Need motivation to exercise? We can help. Click to view our personal trainers profiles.