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NUSS Tennis Doubles Championship 2018

Grab a partner and get ready to swish and flick your way to the top!

21 Jul 2018
Lifelong Self Efficacy Healthcare Skills

Maintain a healthy immune system by mastering the 7 sets of Mobile Qigong regimens, clinically proven to strengthen the self-healing efficacy of body organs, lymphatic and endocrine systems.

July 2018
Swimming for Seniors

Are you in your Golden Years and looking to find an exercise that will not cause much pain to your joints? Join our new class, specially designed for seniors!

Yin Yoga

This slow-paced style of yoga introduces meditative postures held for long periods of time. This targets connective tissues in order to improve joint stimulation and enhance flexibility.

Join the Running Section!

Love to sweat out by going on regular runs? Join friends who share the same passion during our running sessions at KRGH and explore new places too!

Cycling Section

Looking for buddies with the same passion for cycling? Join our very own cycling section and ride your way to a fitter lifestyle!

Taiji For Beginners

Balance your Yin and Yang through Taiji, which helps you to reduce stress, improve flexibility and more!

Swimming Class for Ladies

Maintain a lean frame, strengthen major muscle groups in the body and keep fit by picking up a new stroke in the pool today!