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Line Dance Jam

Flaunt your grooves at DanceSport Section 5th Line Dance Jam! Come join us in practising your footwork while having fun meeting fellow dance enthusiasts!

8 Jul 2017
Join NUSS Bridge & Darts Sections at Kent Ridge Guild House!

Build friendships and new skills at NUSS Bridge and Darts Sections! Join us to enjoy special perks as Section Members!

Join Social Mahjong Club!

Want to maintain a sharp and flexible mind? Join us at our regular Social Mahjong sessions and engage your mind while having fun with fellow friends!

From 9 Feb
Barclays Premier League

Soccer Fanatics! Did you know that you can catch the league LIVE at all 3 guild houses now? Click here to find out more about the timings and locations of the showings.

Line Dance Sharing Session

Put on your best dancing shoes, and get your groove on with some fancy line dance moves!

Free Movie Screenings at The Chill-Lab

Missed your favourite show at the cinema? Fret not! We bring you popular titles in The Chill-Lab every Sunday 4.30pm!

Tuesday Connections

Fancy a good game of pickleball? How about giving your grey matter a workout with bridge? Either way, we got it both for you!

Social Dance Classes

Join our dance classes and learn to create a lasting impression on the dance floor!

Jan - Feb 2017