Events by category
Mine Explorer Workshop

This school holiday, get your children to join us in learning how to program using the popular building-blocks game by Microsoft! Through this workshop, they will train visualisation and problem-solving skills!

29 Nov 2017
Star Warz Robot Battle Race

The Galaxy Space Station is recruiting engineers to build robots to fend off an attack from the dark side! Get your little ones to help us build our army using Lego Mindstorm Robotics to defend our space station!

24 Nov 2017
Intensive Chess Workshop for Kids!

Introduce your children to fun and strategic chess games which will help them build analytical and memory skills!

29 Nov - 1 Dec
Walking with Dinosaurs

Get your little ones to join us to learn more about dinosaurs as they enjoy practical activities aimed to also help them master the English language!

22 Nov 2017
The History of Ice Cream Workshop

Do your children love ice cream? Get them to join us and learn the background of this cold dessert! They will also learn new vocabulary through various interactive activities which include making their own ice cream!

20 Nov 2017
Journey into Outer Space

Are your kids curious about outer space and how it came about? Get them to join us as we explore solar system through VR technology and hands-on activities!

23 Nov 2017
Karate for Juniors

More than just building self-defense skills, Karate helps to instill discipline, confidence and good concentration in children! Get your child started in this exciting combat sport today!

Swimming For Juniors

Teaching your children how to swim have significant benefits for both their health and safety. Start them on this fun swimming program and overcome the waters quickly!